Gay Asian twinks in tickle and foot fetish scenes

Doctor Tickles – Vahn

Added: 2014-12-10

A brand new fantasy series by Laughing Asians! This incredible 26 minute long debut of our “Doctor Tickles” series brings you the incredibly cute, erotickly sexy Vahn as our first ticklish patient. Doctor Tickles is one kinky doctor who loves to administer intense tickle treatments to his unsuspecting young adult patients. It all starts with testing Vahn’s reflexes by sliding the tip of a surgical clamp up his patient’s smooth bare soles. Vahn jumps and bursts from a giggle, and this just fuels Doctor Tickles’ sadistic tickling urges. His ticklish twink patient ends up tied to the exam table for the perverted doctor’s tickling pleasures. Then to finish things off, the evil doctor lubes up his patient’s cock and gives him an incredible hand job while tickling his sexy smooth body and feet, sending him into full cum spewing orgasm. But it doesn’t stop there. The sadistic doctor starts tickling his cock with the feather stick, driving his exhausted patient utterly crazy!