Gay Asian twinks in tickle and foot fetish scenes

Hermis Feet And Fuck

Added: 0201-01-15

Meet hot, sexy gay Asian foot fetish boy Hermis. He takes off his shoes and socks and puts them right in your face in clear, sharp glorious HD filming. He strips down to reveal his hotness and begins to get hard. He jerks off for a while, but decided he needed a little help to get him to cum. He took a fondness to Ricky, so he asked if Ricky could join him. But that wasn’t quite enough! He wanted Ricky to fuck him, and Ricky was happy to “fill” that request. After an bit of anal penetration to Hermis’ delight, Hermis blows his load, a massive load followed by Ricky who jizzed in the condom, but still managed to pull it off and stroke from another shot that flies across Hermis and nails him in the face, and more spews from to mingle with Hermis’ cum, leaving Hermis’ torso drenched in pearly white baby batter!