Gay Asian twinks in tickle and foot fetish scenes

Ricky, Mike, Jesse and Ernie

Added: 2020-02-14

When we first met Jesse, he was so quiet and shy, but as we got to know each other, he began to come out of his shell. Jesse had a lot of frustration and tickle-revenge bottled up inside him from the previous video. He was aching to release some of that tension. So he lured Ernie over to our place to have a go at being on the giving end. To our amazement, we saw a side of Jesse we never thought possible. When Ernie was securely immobilized, Jesse became this tickle monster and held nothing back. His hilarious taunts, coos and giggling sent us over the edge. He was so into tickling Ernie and his energy never ceased. Although Ernie is a fantastically ticklish subject, I must say that the tickler was equally as entertaining.